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Dr. Gordon has a holistic approach to veterinary medicine that integrates homeopathy, nutrition and conventional practices. She has used homeopathic remedies in her practice for nearly a decade. Dr. Gordon's goal is to help improve your pets vitality and longevity by education, as well as providing products and services depending on your pet's needs.

Homeopathic Initial Consultation

An in depth consultation discussing acute  chronic health concerns

Initial consult 60 minutes $160.00

Wellness Examination

A follow up examination to evaluate how you pet is progressing

Follow up 15-30 minutes $75.00/$100.00


Depending on the health concern of your pet, remedies may be dispensed. 

Remedies & Tinctures $20.00+

Vaccination and Vaccine Blood Titer Testing

A vaccine blood titer test  is a blood test to determine your pet's antibodies to Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo virus vaccines.

Blood collection/antibody test DA2P $95.00

Vaccination $105.00+ 

(depending on vaccines required)

Dental and surgical service

We provide a range of services, such as desexing, lump removals, stem cell collection and dentals.

 Please call for a quote


Prolotherapy is a therapy that provides immediate relief to chronic pain, injuries and post surgical scars. This treatment consists of injections under the skin that targets painful and inflamed nerves. It helps to regenerate nerves, ligaments and tendonopathies.

Initial consult* 30 minutes $85.00

Single area $95.00

2 -3 areas  $130.00-$160.00


Doggie Daycare

We look after you dog while you enjoy your holiday. Walks, socialization and much love to keep your dog entertained!

Per day $45.00* 

Overnight $45.00*

* Public holidays extra

What our customers are saying

I have been bringing my black Lab Otter to Dr. Gordon for 3 years now and am so happy with the way she looks after my best friend. No over the top treatments just lots of natural remedies that keep him moving even at 11 years young. I would highly recommend her to everyone who cares about their furry friends.

Grant Lamont